Volunteer Committees

Join us in fulfilling the pSA mission

The accomplishments of the PSA are all achieved through the lifeblood, time, and talent of our members, volunteering and working within our committees.

Volunteer Opportunities


Responsible for planned giving and the general fund-raising duties of the PSA, we annually conduct several ongoing programs such as the President’s Circle, 19.73 Club, ’41 Society, Giving Tuesday, and the Annual Fund drive. We also organize the longer term capital campaigns such as our current Building HOmE Capital Campaign and previous Campaign 4 Philmont.


The scholarship committee works in two main time frames of the year – in spring, to deliver individual trek scholarships for participants arriving each summer (ROCS, Rayado, STEM trek, TCT, Ranch Hands, OA Trail Crew) and in fall, to deliver seasonal staff scholarships. We seek volunteers who are excited about detailed reviews of applications, engaging in group discussion in order to reach consensus, and a commitment to timely discussion and decisions through email, and phone calls as necessary. Ideal volunteers will bring a cognizant understanding of how to employ diversity, equity and inclusion in the awarding of over $40,000 scholarship awards annually.

Treks, Volunteer Vacation, and PhilBreak


Prepare promotional material, promote/advertise/recruit, coordinate registrations, organize crews, facilitate itinerary creations, answer questions, coordinate with Ranger Dept., Logistics, and Welcome Center. Participate.

Service Events

Prepare promotional material, promote/advertise/recruit, coordinate registrations, organize housing, answer questions, coordinate with Conservation Department. Participate.


If it involves our website, the Internet, emails, or logging with a password, the Technology Committee probably “does that”. If writing HTML, laying out newsletters, managing Social Media, editing photos, administering accounts, installing a CMS, or using a host’s Control Panel is something you know about, you might be interested in this committee. No gurus required, just capable and willing members who want to keep the ones and zeros turned on…or off.


Responsible for growing the PSA membership as well as marketing and merchandising. We work to get former staff to join, we do what we can to keep them, and we promote the PSA brand via merchandise. Specific useful talents for this committee include email marketing, writing content for appeals, writing web page content pertaining to membership, graphic design, data analysis, and general creative thinking.

Other committees

We’ll be getting you descriptions for our other committees soon. If think you might have interest in our 50-50-50 Reunions (CONS, Academy Ranger, and PSA 50th anniversaries), Finance, Audit, Planned Giving, Administration, or Publications committees please fill out the form below and we will contact you to fit you in the best committee!