The Life and Times of Jack Rhea

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Jack Rhea was Philmont’s director of camping from 1954 through 1962 – a half century ago. Now, he is all but forgotten by the greater Philmont community. His accomplishments are, however, visible to everybody today because they have become part of Philmont’s very bedrock. No matter where you look, Jack Rhea left his mark. The Philmont Rangers. The twelve-day expedition. The iconic Philmont Arrowhead patch. The first radio system. The topographic map. Explosive growth at the Philmont Training Center. Tent City. Ranger City. The modern day Cimarroncito. Clarks Fork, Miners Park, and Indian Writings just to name a few of the camps Jack brought on stream.

This new book reveals the back stories behind those Philmont milestones and provides many insights into the life of Jack Rhea, the Depression era farm boy who became an Eagle Scout, championship basketball player, schoolteacher, cowboy high in the Colorado Rockies, loyal Scouter, and devoted family man. Its pages chronicle Jack Rhea’s perilous journey through

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