Volunteer Vacation

Check out this article in High Country to learn all about Volunteer Vacation! Click Here!

 A little trail food and large quantities of FRESH food to insure sufficient calories. This will be a much better menu than the standard trail food menu. Fresh lunch materials are available every morning to take to the worksite. Cooking, cleanup, and water crews will be established.


Philmont will pre-stage food, tools, and all crew equipment at Webster Parks. However, the unused room in your pack will need to be filled with extra (and heavier) work clothes along with warm clothes (jackets, gloves, long underwear, headgear, etc). Extra gear can be shipped back to Base Camp after trail work is completed, but you will then be carrying traditional crew gear and food when hiking/riding to your campsite on Thursday.

Philmont backpacks are available at no charge if needed.


You will be sleeping in normal backpacking tents for 5 of your 7 nights at Philmont. You can bring your own tent or use the standard issue Philmont Thunder Ridge 2-person tent (no charge). There is plenty of space for solo tenting.

Yes and always a chance for rain.

Webster Park is at 8,750 feet, and by September 16th, autumn will be setting in. You will need warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag.

Philmont would like to work with a group of 24 to 30 volunteers. If we exceed that number, a wait list will be established.


Please provide your BSA# during check-out or within 30 days of purchase of this service project.