Staff amigos

Support Current Seasonal Staff At Philmont

Welcome to the Staff Amigos Program

Staff Amigos is back and better than ever!

We’re excited to once again be coordinating the Staff Amigos program! The Staff Amigos program allows Philmont alumni to sponsor care packages for the staff at Philmont camps and departments. Working at Philmont is rewarding, but it has its hard days too- and what better to brighten someone’s day than a care package?

When you sign up to be an Amigo, you can choose to sponsor a small, medium or large camp or department. Small camps and departments are 10 people or less; medium are 11-20; and large are more than 20 people. To ensure every camp and department has the opportunity to receive a care package, the PSA will be randomly assigning Amigos to camps or departments.

As there are a fixed number of camps and departments, there are a limited number of Staff Amigo slots. Once we’ve filled all the slots, every camp and department will receive a care package this summer!

Sign up to be a Staff Amigo today!