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Seasonal Staff scholarships

Our named scholarships honor and remember staff that are forever on the trail. Our deepest condolences go out to the families of the loved ones lost and our deepest gratitude goes out to those who help endow each scholarship and continue to keep their memory alive. All of our named scholarship listed here are endowed and will be awarded in perpetuity. Click below to donate to a scholarship endowment today.

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As an adventurer and nature lover, Rick loved hunting and fishing, especially with his beloved dogs. One of his favorite places to commune with nature is Philmont Scout Ranch which he attended as a youth in 1974, returned to as a staff member and frequently visited later. This scholarship fund has been set up in his name to allow others to experience the joy and magic of this special place.

Intended for any eligible staffer.

The Will Burris Scholarship Endowment has raised over $25,000 for this cause.

Will embodied all that Philmont has to offer young men and women.  From his first trek with Troop 617, continuing through Rayado, followed by serving as a Ranger, then selected as Rayado Ranger and finally working as a Ranger Trainer … Will lived and breathed life in the mountains around Base Camp.  We were all saddened when Will was suddenly lost to cardiac arrest in 2020.  In his name we honor his accomplishment as both a Ranger and an EMT.

Intended for a staffer in the Ranger Department.

This memorial scholarship was created in 2021 by the many former Philmont staff who had the fortune of working with Gene during the summers of his 36-year tenure on Philmont seasonal staff. During all his summers, Gene had a significant positive impact on the staff and participants at the Ranch.  The creation of this scholarship provides an opportunity to keep Gene’s inspiring spirit alive among the future Philmont seasonal staff recipients.

Intended for any eligible Philmont staffer.

The purpose of this scholarship endowment is to honor Coralie’s memory and her love for adventure, the outdoors, and helping others.

Intended for a staffer at Philmont Training Center.

The Dr. Marshall E Hollis Scholarship was started in 2016 from a donation to our scholarship endowment from Dr. Marshall Hollis. Dr. Hollis has been a volunteer and Pharmacy consultant to Philmont Scout Ranch and the Infirmary for the past 15 years.

This scholarship is intended for a Staffer that works in the Philmont Infirmary.

The Tooley Family Scholarship was started in 2018 by Dean Tooley to honor his wife Bonnie who passed away in May 2018. Dean & Bonnie Tooley moved to Philmont Scout Ranch in 1978 and both lived and worked at Philmont Scout Ranch until Dean’s retirement in 1997. Dean was the Associate Director of Program, Personnel Hiring Manager and Bonnie worked as an English Teacher and Librarian for 20+ years. Bonnie worked several summers at Philmont as a Museum Clerk and a Post Master in the mailroom. 

Intended for any eligible Philmont staffer.

Jim and Judy Delaney were the loving parents of 3 children,  two of which were long time Philmont staff members.  They provided love and support for their children to work at Philmont.  Through this gift, their family wishes to evoke their parent’s spirit of giving, while promoting the growth of both the staff member and Philmont.

Intended for any eligible Philmont staffer.

Lyle (née Fowler) Potts was a registered nurse in San Antonio after growing up on a farm as part of a large family on a cotton farm in East Texas. She left the farm at the age of 15 and moved to San Antonio to study nursing at the Physicians and Surgeons hospital there. She was an adventurous woman and traveled widely—in spite of her humble situation. She was at the grand opening of the Golden Gate Bridge. Her second husband was Earl Potts of Indiana who was a pilot with Eastern Airlines. Earl won his wings at Brooks Field in San Antonio with classmate Charles Lindbergh. After her second husband’s death she returned to San Antonio until she passed at the age of 96. 

 Intended for any eligible Philmont staffer.

The Toney Family Scholarship: This scholarship was endowed by Denice & Scott Toney, who both worked at Philmont Scout Ranch in the 1990’s.

Intended for a Backcountry staff member.

The Ned & Diane Miller Scholarship was started in 2016 by Diane when Ned passed away. Ned Miller worked at Ponil in the early 1960’s before going into the US Air Force and serving during the Vietnam War. Diane endowed a scholarship in Ned’s honor and memory to help other staff with college tuition.

Intended for any eligible Philmont staffer.

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Created and financially supported by Robert A. Funk, Philmont friend and owner of the Express UU Bar Ranch, together with others, this scholarship is awarded annually.

Intended for Philmont staffer working in horse, cattle, and hunting operations.

Russell Smart has been a Scouting volunteer since 1988 and has served in many roles on a local, regional, and national level. Among his favorite Scouting experiences is the 100 days he spent in the summer of 2008 working at Philmont Scout Ranch as a Commissary Truck Driver. He is a Life Member of the PSA and is passionate about the PSA Scholarship fund.

Intended for Philmont staffer who work for STEM or CONS positions.

Park Foundation in Lee Summit, MO started as a result of the C4P (Campaign 4 Philmont) set up by Bruce Davis, a former Ranch Committee member. He has since passed away from cancer and one of his wishes was to endow a scholarship for Philmont Staff in perpetuity through the Park Foundation.

Intended for any eligible Philmont staffer.

The purpose of this memoriam is to honor Chuck’s memory, his love of Philmont, and his service to Scouting through the Order of the Arrow. Chuck was very active in Scouting and the Order of the Arrow. He was an Eagle Scout, Life member of the National Eagle Scout Association, Vigil member of the OA (1996), Chief of Amangemak-Wipit Lodge (1998-99) and recognized with the National OA Founders Award (1999). For more than a dozen years he was an instructor at the Eswau Hoppeday OA Lodge’s annual Carolinas Indian Seminar, where he was held in high esteem for teaching old style dancing and making old style dance bustles and outfits. Chuck DuBois’ friends described him as an “outdoorsy guy”. And he was that, preferring to be outside over a desk job. He loved to fish and backpack. Chuck was an OATC foreman at Philmont in 2002, where he acquired a passion for chopping, sawing, picking, digging and working with his hands. He spent most of that summer leading six OA crews completing the Black Horse Canyon trail between Baldy and Miranda. 

Intended for Philmont staffer who works in the Conservation Department or for an OATC staff member.